A “Panel A Day” Comic

Four weeks ago, I started a new project that’s been slowly progressing along ever since. I’m digging it so far. I call it my “panel a day” comic.

The idea is that every day I write and draw a panel in an ongoing story, with nothing pre-planned. No idea where the narrative is going, no lengthy pre-written backstory, no inkling as to how long this tale will even be. I post it online, wait for the next day, lather rinse repeat.

Today marked the 28th instalment of this experimental storytelling exercise, and it’s been going well so far! You can see all the panels so far here:


The joy of this project so far has been the creative energy I am able to put in it every day. Each new panel is filled with infinite possibilities, and the daily aspect of it means there’s always a fire chasing behind me, forcing a forward momentum and a need to come up with something. It’s reminding me of when I used to have a regularly updating webcomic.

Discipline is often an underrated aspect of art. We like to think that creative lightning strikes only at certain moments, and it’s up to us to wait until that happens. But forcing myself to do a panel every day, regardless of mood or circumstances, keeps things flowing in a way that has been incredibly satisfying so far. My hope is that this comic will become a long running major story, but for now, it’s fun to focus on smaller chunks at a time.

I don’t know who these characters are or how they’re going to end up, and I’m excited to find out.

My plan is to eventually colour these and collect them in some form (six panels will fix nicely on a standard comic page). But in the meantime, you are more than welcome to follow along on my Twitter and Instagram, where I post daily.


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