A Few More Comics About Vidjagames

Hey all!

I’ve not been updating much lately because I’ve been working my socks off – I have THREE new comics making their debut at Glasgow Comic Con! Super excited to show people the fruits of my labour…so let’s show off a little shall we?

The first of these three is A Few More Comics About Vidjagames.


AFMCAV is a short collection of individual strips about various video games, including Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Kirby’s Adventure and even Minesweeper!

Because I love you all so much, here’s a preview of one of the comics within:


Keep an eye out for it, being sold at a convention near you soon! (Assuming you live in the Glasgow area.)

You may be thinking “Why is it called A Few MORE Comics? Cooper, you fool!” Well…I have good news for you:


AFMCAV is actually the sequel to A Few Comics About Vidjagames, released late 2015 – and both will be available in a bundle! In fact, as a reward for reading this far, and scrolling ALL the way down, here’s a strip from the first volume:


So there you go! I hope you all enjoy. More details coming soon about the two other comics releasing next month!



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