The team leader…by default. Abner grew up idolising other heroes and wishes to emulate them, despite having no skills or qualities whatsoever. His heart’s in the right place, if only his brain and brawn were there too.






Loud, brash, arrogant and full of ‘tuuuuude. But not in a 90s way. Bruno knows the real reason to get into the superhero game: the chicks and the money. Sadly, he has neither yet.





How can you have a superhero team without the God of the Sea?!?!??!?! Truly the ruler of all things water based (or is he?), Neptune makes it clear that without him, this squad would fall apart. The problem is, it might just fall apart with him as well.


GIT ’95

The Gyro-Informational-Techbot ’95 exists only to serve. It is pre-programmed with over 900 levels of sarcasm, and can even run Minesweeper. If you want a quality robotic butler at a low low low low price, the GIT ’95 is your answer.