Scottish Superheroes Here to Save The World; Pay Their Rent

New Webseries The Brave and Handsome Squad shows you don’t need to be Disney or Nickelodeon to launch a cartoon into ass-kicking action! The Brave and Handsome Squad
aims to launch it’s first season on the internet via crowdsourcing, a first for Scottish animation.

Scotland has always been a centre for budding young independent animators, and series creators David B Cooper, Michael Sloan and Chris Thorburn are looking to expand
that love of cartoons to the rest of the world, via a ten part animated series. The increasing popularity of webseries, along with the ability to fund a smaller budget
series via crowd funding, is making that a reality, and puts the control in the hands of creative minds everywhere.

The series concerns a group of unlikely superheroes, struggling to save the world around them as they deal with their menial lives. They may not always save the day,
but they’ll try their hardest even if that still isn’t that great.

The rise of internet distribution allows more unusual, quirky projects such as this one to find an audience, which can only mean good things for the animation and web
video communities.

The production team recently launched their Indiegogo campaign – available at http://indiegogo.com/braveandhandsome – to raise funds for the series’ completion. The
first episode is available for viewing, with the aim of completing more soon.

Perpendicular Universe Productions is a new entertainment production company, looking to bring fun and unique web content to the masses. We are available for
interviews or podcasts via Skype – please contact davidbcooper@perpendicular-universe.com for more information.

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