Hey! Hey you!

Do you have a Perpendicular Universe comic idea that you are just ITCHING to get out into the world?!?!

Today is your lucky day!

I’m looking for some guest comics to air in a few weeks. So if you have a webcomic, a regular comic, a blog, or just want to make a PU, go ahead and make something vaguely related to the characters or a previous strip and send it in to this address! I’ll select some to throw up on the site in a guest week during the Summer!

Please, image formats for web only, and no wider than 800 pixels, let’s say. Deadline is ┬áthe 26th June 2011. I look forward to seeing what people come up with!

Some examples from my last guest week, last year:

From Michael Davidson

From Becca Davies

From Chris Baldie

From Holley McKend

Happy comicing!